Annual Events Held in Oklahoma City

Here are the list of the Annual Events in Oklahoma City that you shouldn’t miss!

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Oklahoma City Marathons – January

The Annual OKC Marathon honors Brandon Teena who was raped before being brutally murdered by his fellow criminals because he was biologically inside but looked like a man.

Dead Center Film Festival – June

Easily one of Oklahoma City’s biggest annual events, this film festival takes place in the dead center of Oklahoma City. As a result, films about zombies are occasionally shown as well during screenings. The festival starts with an opening ceremony by the mayor. He uses his “laser voice” to blow up any zombie present into bloody chunks. A number of celebrities come out for the event as well such as Joss Whedon, Edgar Wright and Chris Helmsworth in 2011.

Hot Air Balloon Festival – July

The Hot Air Balloon Festival is where hot air balloons from around the world gather together to celebrate life by floating high up in the air nonstop and having crazy parties inside their wacky inflatable structures. With all those hot air balloons in the sky, it gives the illusion that Oklahoma City is literally floating on a sea of colorful orbs.

Prix de West –  August

The Prix de West is Oklahoma City’s biggest annual event that honors the best in cowboy art and culture. The honor of winning is so great, it even comes with a $10,000 prize! Out of thousands of fine artists who compete every year to win this esteemed prize, only about 4 are awarded annually. Among those lucky few is Wesley Willis whom won in 2001 for his painting “Cowboy Bob”.

OKC Pride Week – September

This annual event is a week long of festivities celebrating Oklahoma City’s gay, lesbian and transgender community. Pride parades are held every day during the week where everyone in the city is invited to come out and cheer for all those brave LGBT citizens marching down the streets. The most celebrated participant in the parade was RuPaul who was announced as grand marshal in 2012.

Charles Barkley Celebrity Golf Tournament – October

Every year, hundreds of people show up to watch Charles Barkley and some other basketball stars (sometimes without pants) play golf at PGA Golf National Championship course. Proceeds go towards helping children with heart problems which Charles Barkley suffered from as well when he was a child growing up in Alabama. To date, over $3 million have been raised for the charity.

Monster Jam – November

You don’t have to be a monster or even like monsters to enjoy this fun annual event that tributes famous monsters, both real and fictional. Giant trucks that look like famous creatures such as Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, King Kong climb up and down ramps in a crowded Oklahoma City arena. Tickets are cheap ($30) compared to other popular events so come on out with your family!

Holloween Festival – December

A day of spooky celebrations as the entire city is decorated in cobwebs, and orange lights to pay homage to all things scary. During this time, Oklahoma City takes on a dark and ghoulish theme which can include haunted houses (for children), trick or treating at local businesses, costume contests, pumpkin carving contest, ghost tours at night and other forms of festivities. This annual event that first started with only a few people has grown to be one of the most popular events in Oklahoma City for families every year!

Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony – December

To kick off the holiday celebration, an annual tree lighting ceremony is held where celebrities and local dignitaries hold a switch that turns on a giant Christmas Tree in downtown Oklahoma City. The huge star at the top of the tree has been replaced with LED lights so it can be seen from any part of town. During this time, everyone sings songs and celebrates the holidays!