Businesses in Oklahoma City

There are so many business here in Oklahoma City; there are large corporations, small business, and home businesses. These three types of businesses either work with each other or run on their own.

Oklahoma City Cremation Service

Large Corporations: Large corporations are those that have more than 100 employees working for them. They usually go broke because they spend a lot of money on research projects, but they make even more money. An example would be Tinker Air Force Base. It has over 11,000 employees and is one of the largest employers in Oklahoma City . Most large corporations tend to focus in areas related to science such as NASA and medical equipment companies like Kerr-McGee Technologies Incorporated (KMTI). Both these examples require a great deal of technical know how which is why many smaller businesses contract out their work to these companies.

Small Business: These must be called the “backbone” of the economy because most of them are one-person businesses or have less than 50 employees and they usually stay alive by helping out large corporations. An example would be an electrician who comes in and works on a contract with Tinker Air Force Base; his work enables people at Tinker AFB to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, thus making Tinker AFB money which means that the electrician can get paid (it’s not all about the money though). Home Businesses: These are small businesses but unlike traditional small business they don’t actually meet up together here at Oklahoma City . Most home business work out of their homes (hence where they get their name), but some actually choose to have a storefront or office. Home businesses are usually small businesses with less than 10 employees, but many of them can be considered large corporations because they work for larger corporations and make lots of money.

Cremation Business in Oklahoma City

A lot of people choose cremation over burial; one reason is that it’s a much cheaper way to handle funerals. A simple wooden box can be bought for around $200 while a metal casket cost around $2000 and up depending on the kind of wood, design etc…

Another reason why people choose cremation is because they don’t have a permanent place set aside in their home to keep the body. Some religions (Mormon) require that bodies not be embalmed before being put into the ground, which makes it even more difficult to accomplish housing such remains in your own home. Cremation solves these two problems.

Now we get down to the business end of things: most corporations who do cremations contract out their work to companies that provide these services.

Additionally, there are businesses in Oklahoma City that specialize in cremation services only. They provide the facility to cremate remains and they also sell urns, vaults etc…

In summary, a crematory business in Oklahoma City would have two main divisions: one division would do the cremating (which is very straightforward) while the other one would handle selling caskets, urns etc…