Crime Rate in Oklahoma City

According to data, crime rate in Oklahoma City is much higher than the national average. In 2016 there were a total of 231413 property crimes committed. This is about 2335 crimes per 100 000 people which is more than twice as high as US average (1129). Violent crimes such as murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault are also more common here with 402, 87 and 1386 incidents respectively.

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In 2015 police reported a total of 26520 violent crimes and 307113 property crimes making up ~15% for both categories combined. According to FBI’s report these numbers make Oklahoma City the most dangerous place on 111th position out of 2068 cities with 25000+ population in America.

If we take a look at another source of crime statistics, Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD) then we will see a different picture. According to OKCPD there were a total of 19964 crimes reported in 2015 and only 18071 in 2016. This represents ~11% decrease for both categories combined. However the numbers are still high compared with national data since in 2015 Oklahoma City was ranked as the 16th most dangerous place out of 2068 cities with 25000+ population while it is still on 111th position for 2016 according to FBI’s report.

In general most crimes are committed by men although property related crimes are usually committed by women. The same tends to hold true for Oklahoma City where in 2015 total 20425 arrests were made and only 1453 of them were made by women. This means that men are responsible for 79% and women combined for 21% of all crimes committed in Oklahoma City.

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Is it safe in Oklahoma City?

According to data Oklahoma City is a relatively safe place. It has moderate crime rate compared with other cities and countries around the world. Some areas are safer than others but generally you can walk in the city even at night without getting into trouble.