Eastside a Neighborhood in Oklahoma City

Eastside is a great neighborhood in Oklahoma City that is located east of downtown, which is easily accessible by car or bus. The neighborhood has a lot of history from when it was first built during the 1910s and 1920s. Like many cities across the United States, Eastside had its ups and downs during the course of its existence. In more recent years though, there has been an increase in development within Oklahoma City, meaning new jobs, restaurants, bars and other attractions are popping up all over the place – including Eastside! Here’s a look at some factors about living in this wonderful area.

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Eastside History

It’s fitting that one of the oldest neighborhoods in Oklahoma City be considered one of the best places to live as well. Eastside was originally intended for the city’s wealthy elite, which was typical for new communities at that time. Many of these residents were involved in politics or had successful businesses back during the 1910s and 1920s.

The neighborhood also has ties to oil history as well, since there were several houses where employees of oil companies along with their families used to live before moving elsewhere.

This is why Eastside is often associated with wealth and prosperity throughout its existence – however, this all changed during the course of the next few decades. As time when on and people began moving away from Oklahoma City, many poorer families ended up moving into homes in Eastside that were once owned by some of the wealthier residents from long ago.

During a certain point in time during the late 20th century, there was a great deal of crime that occurred in the neighborhood. As mentioned previously, many of the homes were owned by lower class families and this often meant that these homes were not properly maintained. This led to some homes deteriorating over time with broken windows and other problems.

The violence carried out within Eastside also began to take its toll as well. There were several incidences of gang violence along with drug trafficking which made it hard for home buyers interested in purchasing a house to look past all of these problems.

East Side Today

While there is still evidence of projects being done all throughout Oklahoma City, you would not be able to guess that Eastside once had a bad reputation when you first drive through today. The neighborhood has been cleaned up quite a bit, with many homes being restored and others being demolished to make way for new homes. Since there are still some projects going on, the neighborhood would not be considered completely restored at this point; however, many people are now willing to venture into Eastside because of its location near downtown and prices that are very affordable.

Additional information

There are many other reasons why Eastside is considered a great place to live in addition to what’s already been mentioned. The neighborhood has an incredible cultural presence thanks to the Greenwood Cultural Center, which is located in the heart of Eastside and was built during the 1970s. There are also many historical homes that can be visited throughout the neighborhood, such as Roselawn at E 63rd St & South Boulevard; one of several estate-style homes that used to be owned by wealthy families and now serves as a museum.