Northwest Oklahoma City a Neighborhood in Oklahoma City,

Northwest OKC has more than 5400 residents that live in over 3000 households. It has been considered one of the most stable older neighborhoods in Oklahoma City since its inception in 1930s when it was established by local real estate developer Paul Greer who went on to develop Del City later on. Northwest Okc consists mostly of large American Foursquare-style homes. It has streets named after various trees like Maple, Elm and Birch. The street names in Northwest Okc are pre dated by at least 20 years from the development of them to the other areas of Oklahoma City by developers.

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According to local historian Bob Blackburn, most of the homes were built in the early 1930s with some being constructed as late as 1939 due to a shortage on building materials from World War II. As such it’s one of few older neighborhoods that have more than 75% predominate original structures still standing today.

Almost all design styles popular during this time period can be found within its boundaries: Tudor Revival, American Foursquare, Prairie style (American Craftsman), Colonial Revival, Spanish Eclectic and Bungalow.

Also known to the locals as “The Wedge” or just “Wedgwood”, Northwest Okc has been home to many prominent businessmen in Oklahoma City. It is also noted for having the largest concentration of churches per capita within an Oklahoma City neighborhood at somewhere between 25-30% of its area.

Northwest Okc was annexed into Oklahoma City January 1, 1963 from Edmond due to a ballot initiative that passed on November 3, 1962 by a margin of 74 votes out of about 2600 votes cast. The annexation involved both streets and homes but not undeveloped land which accounts for the large amounts of green space found throughout much of neighborhood today including some recreational areas that are a part of the adjacent Lake Overholser.

These paved multi-use trails connect to the larger Indian Nations trail system in western Oklahoma City which connects all across the state via multiple trails including another connection into Edmond where it also connects to yet more trails within that community.

Northwest OKC is bounded on most sides by major thoroughfares which puts its residents closer than most other neighborhoods in Oklahoma City for commuting purposes. The main street through is N.W. 50th street which goes on to become a 4 lane divided boulevard further north of where it runs along the western border of neighborhood near Lake Overholser.

To the east is N. May Ave which has two major arteries that run parallel through it from south to north, both streets are also busy trucking routes into and out of Edmond for distribution purposes. To the west lies Classen Blvd (N. Western Ave) which besides being another popular traffic route provides access via an underpass onto Interstate 40 for those living within Northwest Oklahoma City.

To the south of neighborhood is N. Pennsylvania Ave which has a similar role in connecting residents to major traffic and thoroughfares as May Ave does to the east; providing access via various underpasses for the I-235, I-44 and also onramps onto I-35 further south.

There are two main public elementary schools within Northwest OKC: Stipe and Eisenhower Elementary both great schools with award winning teachers who have gone on to win awards at local, state and national levels as Teachers of the Year over recent years since their openings.