Paseo a Neighborhood in Oklahoma City

Paseo is a small residential neighborhood in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that consists of several streets and homes. It was named after Paseo Boulevard in [[Oklahoma City]], where this road intersects with Western Avenue. The western border of the area is approximately I-40, while the eastern border is roughly the east shore of [[Lake Hefner]] and I-44. Paseo Park is located within the boundaries of Paseo.

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History of Paseo Oklahoma

The first homes in Oklahoma City were constructed around the year 1893 on what is now Paseo. The area was known for many years as “Deep Greenwood”, but ended being called North Paseo, due to its proximity to nearby [[Paseo Boulevard]]. In 1928, the City of Oklahoma City annexed Deep Greenwood and changed the name of North Paseo Road to Paseo Boulevard. Many people don’t realize that deep inside the Oklahoma communities it has a rich history. The Paseo district started with some of the earliest homes built in the early 1900s. It falls within an area originally settled by Native Americans before Oklahoma became a state in 1907. Despite all this, only one building remains from those days which is the old Central High School at 120 W. Eubanks (used as a church now) which was built in 1926 but closed in 1984 and moved out of the district during renovations to another site (“references” section has picture of Old Central). The Paseo Public Library is located on North Robinson Avenue, just north of NW 30th Street. Now with three branch libraries, it first opened its doors in 1995.

Paseo Homes and Real Estate

Paseo real estate includes homes both inside and outside the city limits of Oklahoma City that sit on an average lot size ranging from 5,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet. Sitting just north of Martin Luther King Ave., Paseo homes for sale have access to highly-ranked schools, a wealth of shopping and dining options with easy access to Downtown OKC. The district is noted for its high levels of walkability, similar to that of the Plaza District just to the south. Paseo homes are located near Oklahoma City Community College, Classen School of Advanced Studies, and St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Paseo homes range from well established bungalows built in the 1920s which can be found along NW 39th Street, as well as ranch style houses built in the 1950s and 1960s found throughout NE 30th Street and bordering Western Avenue growth during this time period lead to an influx of ranch style homes were built in larger numbers here than elsewhere in Oklahoma City at this time (references).

Paseo Oklahoma City Real Estate

The Paseo District is located in the middle of the city, straddling the line between OKC’s Central Business District and Midtown. This urban area stands between two of OKC’s best entertainment districts – Classen Circle (located at NW 39th St and Classen Blvd) to the north and Film Row/Plaza District (at NW 30th St and Walker Ave) to the south. Any list of things to do along this stretch would be nearly never-ending. Just off Western Avenue you can find yourself at a wine bar, famous concert venue, or an art gallery all in less than a mile drive!